Monday, 5 June 2017

Terrorist threat what should be done - for me!

So we are hearing from our Prime Minister enough is enough. The Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn wants to talk with these people. Nothing is happening. The security services say there are about 3000 on that list and there are more less important people of interest, but the 3000 are hard line.

So yes they cannot watch each of these people secretly but they now cannot watch people like this. So the answer, in my opinion, is to round ALL of the people on that list and place them somewhere where they can be assessed whether they are truly  are a threat and which case if they are not from UK then get rid. If they are from UK then they go to jail. That way we know they are not on our streets and the threat to us and our way of life is lower.

At the same time we need to tighten our borders and if there is any one that is suspect of being a terrorist =, inc those that are UK cozens and coming back we simply refuse entry. If they are from UK take their passport of them thank you very much now go on your way somewhere else.

So if the 3000 most hardliners are locked up whilst they are being assessed makes it easier to keep an eye on them.

Then whilst that is going on anyone that is a lower threat but could become a problem the services can try and make them back on the right path. Local communities can help in that too. If they become a threat then they go in jail too. Simply allowing these people to keep walking our streets.

Enough is truly enough but that in itself is not good enough now real action is needed NOW!

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