Friday, 9 June 2017

Where did it go wrong for the Tories?

Now that it is settling into peoples mind's what has happened over the last 24 hours questions are being asked where did it go wrong?

Some are saying that it is all down to Brexit? Yes, Theresa May did say when she launched this General Election that it was about Brexit and now some people, especially the other political parties, are saying it now has to be a soft Brexit? Why? Brexit did not lose her this election.

The Tories did not lose this election because of Brexit! Yes it may have played a part of it but not as significant as some may try and claim.

Many Tories loved Margaret Thatcher for being strong and knew her own mind. She very rarely, if ever, changed her mind. On the other hand Theresa May launched the Tories Manifesto. What a shambles. First the tax that became to be known as the Dementia Tax was a huge mistake. Her ministers where saying one thing then the PM said others. Then when it became a liability she did a massive U-Turn and tried to call it not a U-Turn. Voters saw her as weak. When you look over the polls Labour made big gains into the massive Tory Lead after that. That tax hit the blue rinse brigade. What a stupid mistake! This, for me, is the biggest thing that changed and the opinion polls changed then too. Just to try and flip it it would be like Jeremy Corbyn saying if elected I will get rid of all the benefits.

Then there was the winter fuel allowance. to keep the Scottish happy. Theresa May said that Scottish pensioners had it worse because it was colder in Scotland than England and that is how she tried to spin it. How stupid again? If you are right at the top of England and then someone else was at the bottom Scotland there is not much, if any, different in temp.

Then the killer blow she ruled out that there would not be tax rises. Anyone in politics knows the Conservatives are meant to low taxes and here is a Tory PM saying she is not ruling out tax hikes. That was it. Game over - the true Blues where never going to go for that . Theresa May had abandoned them - so they abandoned her.

Then with Communist Jeremy Corbyn promising everything was free because the top 5% where going to pay for the 95% bills. It was just like the Lib Dems in 2010 promising Free tuition. It was never going to happen. Well, not without bankrupting the country. Mind you Labour does a good job of that.

So what now?

The Tories are ruthless at getting rid of leaders and they will know that there is a strong chance there will be another election in the next 12 months, poss as early as October 2017 and they want to keep their seats there will be plans to get rid of her that you can bet on! Question who will it be Boris or David Davis?

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