Friday, 9 June 2017

What does the 2017 General Election result mean?

So people are waking up to turmoil. Theresa May called the General election so she could get more Tories MP's in. That way she could have got more things through easier.

However, Plan A didn't go to plan. She actually lost seat and I have seen people on Social Media saying what does all this mean? S o I will explain jargon free.

There are 650 seats in Parliament so to win a General Election outright you need 326 MP's. But the Tories did not get this and fell short. They got 318 MP's That meant that they didn't have the power to get through things what they wanted without others helping out.

So what the Tories have done is a deal with the DUP, a political party in Northern Ireland. They had 10 MP's.

So the two groups of MP's total 328 MP's, which is higher than the 326 that they needed to control the Government.

The problem with this agreement is if there are any Tories MP's that vote against the Government, which happens, then Theresa May will lose the vote. So just because she has the DUP helping her out now if they, or some Tories back benches voted against her then she will lose. That would probably mean too many of those and we are back to the ballot box. If that happens the Tories wouldn't want Theresa May in charge so I guess it will get interesting in that sense but for us on a day to day basis we could be in political turmoil.

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