Saturday, 17 June 2017

Grenfall Tower

So many people would have seen the horrible scene on the Grenfall Tower when it was on Fire. Man what a horrible tragedy. Thoughts and prays must go to those, and their families, who lost their lives Also all the other residents in the block that were effected by it.  You just can't imagine the thoughts.

Many have raised concerns over tower blocks and I know the high rise flats in Wigan are no exception. There used to be one very vocal man - Sid Hall - who was always talking for the residents and getting things better.  

One thing locally is that the high rise flats in Wigan DO NOT have sprinkler systems in them. Apparently this is not uncommon and going forward this must be a must for me. No one ever thought that the scene that we saw at Grenfall could happen. Unfortunately it did and therefore the rule book must now get better. Planners, designers and others simply cannot say we don't believe it will happen. These flats where designed in the 60's and one must ask if they are still for purpose and if we should either seriously upgrade them or just re house people in them and bring them down before they do any more damage.


One thing that I am seriously annoyed at is the idiots that have seemed to hijack the devastation that has occurred to these people and now protesting over this and that and causing damage. More worryingly is the irresponsible media that are giving these idiots air time. In a number of interviews I have witnessed I heard one man discuss how his windows face the tower and he has been asking to be re housed and now he has to see the tower. The people that have lost their homes need rehousing first. Then another idiot saying that this country can bomb and kill innocent kids in foreign countries and then they can't save these people.  Seriously! Then finally another saying that all officials where hiding in their offices shredding all the evidence to prove that they are all guilty of corporate manslaughter.

Then you see footage of them shouting we want an inquiry. Well there is to be one the Prime Minister has said and ordered one already. They say they want justice. Well until the inquiry has concluded we don't know who or what went wrong. Footage shouting at the Fire fighters and Police - seriously these are the very people that risked their lives and it must have been bad when I hear things like the Fire fighters where told to write their names on their helmets  So shame on them!


But if these idiots want to try and hijack this horrible tragedy for their own political end then why on earth do the likes of Sky News and BBC give them airtime. When the kind of comments like what i have shared above get put out there it is just them trying to whip up needless anger for their ratings. Also because the likes of Sky backed the Tories and when they ended with egg on their face they now are using this to try and get the Prime Minister out. The irresponsible media think they can tell us what we want when they are trying to push their agenda on us.


For me we need the independent inquiry to get a judge,remit and start as soon as possible so that lessons can be learnt and yes if there is any evidence of wrong doing then those people need to be brought to book. Then we need sprinklers in ALL high rise flats. Cost should not be an issue. You simply can't put a price on people's lives.

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