Monday, 12 June 2017

Corbyn shows Traits of May

Labour and Jeremy Corbyn accused Theresa May throughout the General Election that she put her Party before the Country by calling for the General election. This was because it was expected that the country would overwhelmingly return a massive Tory majority. Labour claim that she should have put the Country first by continuing, although yet they complained that she haven't been to the Country to get her own mandate.

Now after the General Election Labour are walking round like they won the Election, yes they did a lot better than what he was expected to do. Jeremy Corbyn and his buddies are parading around the TV Studios saying they are ready to serve. Sorry hasn't someone told them they still lost?

However the arrogance that Corbyn is showing is the same arrogance May showed when she called the election. Howe so? Well he is touring the TV stations saying he is ready to serve and wants another election sooner rather than later.

I think it is safe to say that no member of the public is wanting to have another election any time soon. So with Corbyn saying he wants another election and ready to form a Government then he thinks that he would win should there be another election. The same arrogance May showed. The public do not like being taken for granted

So people are saying that they are all the same again and just out for themselves rather than the Country.

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