Thursday, 30 July 2009

2 Yr of anti social behaviour and why

Residents on Leyland Mill Lane and at the some parts of Wigan Lane near Woodfield School have been experiencing 2 yrs of anti social behaviour. Yobs have been going on to the land at the side of the Cherry gardens and accessing the woods behind whilst drinking swearing urinating and a whole manner of other vile things.

One resident has been lobbying the Council, the Police, the leisure trust, the conservative Councilllor and got no joy. All have blamed some one else and say we don't own the land and it is nothing to do with us.

I have seen the problem and it is quite easy to fix. Put up a fence at the back of the field and that will stop yobs accessing the woodland . This will stop them. I have emailed the Council and said I will use my brighter borough money to get this resolved. I a wait their response. But this is easy to fix. Time will tell how hard the Council make it.

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