Thursday, 21 March 2013

Update on Core Strategy Proposal

As many will know from my twitter (#cllrgwfairhurst) feed and Facebook page ( that the Government planning inspector has come back with a draft proposal on the Council's Core Strategy. The crooks of it is he thinks that there should be 1000 houses built in Standish. I say rubbish!

The planning inspector has not said where these houses should be built and that has left the Council with a decision on how they want to proceed on the planning applications that the developers have put in and will put in now over the next few weeks. The Council have said they will not determine any applications until the matter has been resolved.

The situation is serious and the Tory lead government should be ashamed of this decision and the Labour controlled council should be fighting this proposal all the way. Both Cllr George Fairhurst and myself will be. We have not got meetings with senior officers of the Council, including the head of planning next week. As soon as we know more I will update the blog.

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