Thursday, 20 March 2014

Another 250 houses in Standish.

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I have learnt to day that Persimmon Homes are coming to put another planning application for another 250 houses on the Golf Course. That is on top of the other 250 houses that they had passed by Wigan Council for Phrase one. The area for the Golf Course is allowed 500 houses, which the Council has put on is now rapidly exceeding that. It is a disgrace that the council are looking to put 500 houses on the area in the first place. They promised the people of Standish that there would be only 500. Now they have passed 400 in just a few months and the 500 were meant to be over 5 years. In fact the Council said that on all three sites in the core strategy there would be 1000 houses. However I learnt last night that the Council canpass 1200 houses on the three sites.  Do I trust the Council? Not one bit. The Council did not tell the Ward Councillors about this. I had to learn about it unofficially, if you like and then ask the Council about it which they confirmed it. What the Council should do is open up and tell the people everything what they are doing and talking to developers about and not have secret meetings about major developments in the area.

The Council say that they have asked the developer not to put this application in. The Council shouldn't worry and ask nor beg for developers not to put any applications in. Tell them put it in and we will refuse it. If you have to ask then there is a worry that the Council are going to let the extra 200 houses go to some one else.

Here is the website for the extra 250 houses here.

I will let you know more as soon as I get it but this is another one that we will have to fight as the Council are letting the developers get their own way.

For an update on all the planning applications for houses in Standish, below is a list. So much for the council saying there will only be 1000 houses in Standish. We are more than double that and as you can see not ONE has been refused.

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