Friday, 3 October 2014

We gain a Labour Scalp.

After yesterdays revelations about a Labour Cllr living in Ireland whilst still claiming her tax payers allowance has quit. This I believe has about to over £4000 and therefore she should pay it back. Out of the money Labour have taken their subs - or kick backs from her - so they are implicit in this and they too should pay the money back. Question is will they?

And this was the behavior of an ex mayor too. Shame on her!!!

But this will now force a by election in the Douglas ward.


  1. Out of interest Gareth, which rules did she break?

  2. Technically she didn't break any rules or code of conduct as the only rule for attendance is you have to turn up to a meeting once every six months. That doesn't need to be a Council meeting it could be a surgery or other function.
    However, ethically it is morally wrong to take money when you are blatantly not doing anything for it.


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