Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Abuse scandal at Wigan Council Care

I am saddened to report that I have learnt that there have been a number of historic abuse cases for children under Wigan's care.

The first is physical abuse.
A claim came into Wigan Council in the late 80's/ early 90's. This was were a person who was a child previously and been to a certain Wigan Care Home for Children claimed that he was going to sue the Council for abuse and neglect because whilst he was under their care he was hit and kicked. Wigan Council carried out an investigation and found that the abuse this person was claiming was not only probably true but the practice was rife, were children were regularly hit around the head or kicked. Instead of making a public apology and resolving all the cases the Council decided not to say another publicly and to pay this person off. This to me is hush money because the Council paid the person the money, they did this because if it went to court the flood gates would open. This leaves the Council in a difficult position because now those people that were physically abused will be able to claim more now because the Council knew about the abuse and did nothing about it.

Sexual abuse.
I also understand that the Council have a pot of money ready in case of any historical sexual abuse cases come in. This pot is in the region of a staggering £12 - £15 Million. The Council try and defend this position by saying this pot is for all compensation claims for trips and falls. Smoke screen! There is no way that Wigan Council pays out that for trips and falls and the reason for the staggering amount is because of the sexual abuse cases and physical abuse cases. In fact at a recent Scrutiny meeting the council claimed there were no concerns over this but I can exclusively reveal that there are up to 100 cases were the police have asked the Council to pass over files of children that have been in the care of Wigan Council and have made complaints. Whilst it may not be the 1400 that was recently reported in Rotherham this figure is simply shocking. Wigan Council again have tried to say that it is not near the 100 figure but merely only about 35 cases, approximate, O well if it is only roughly about 35 then that makes it okay then Mr Wigan Council. No it doesn't to me - it is shocking and disgusting and these matter need a full, frank and independent investigation but Wigan Council will not order one as yet again they don't want the truth to come out. Any victims of physical or sexual abuse needs to be taken seriously and apologised to if they have suffered.  

I have now written to the Leader of the Council saying that not I nor any member of our group will be part of any cover up and that is the reason why I have disclosed the information exclusively on the blog today. I want an independent investigation to be carried out and the truth to be told - the public need it and the victims deserve it!


  1. Whats that got to do with Standish?

  2. I was personally told to back off by one of your senior social workers over a case featured on channel 4 news tonight. I know of another family where the mother had a nervous breakdown nearly due to the malicious way the council behaved with her very disabled daughter. The truth will find it's way out. I was threatened and iso do vulnerable people and families feel?

  3. Jayne it is only a matter of time....

  4. I have personal experience of dealing with Wigan Social Services, I encountered absolutely appalling behaviour (lies, bullying, cover-ups) and very low standards (some even have trouble with spelling and grammar) by some Social Workers. Wigan Social Services ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND, believe me!

  5. I was beaten and abused at woodend in the 1970s. The council long ago claimed to have lost my records. The police have not been so dismissive, I am one of more than 30 people who have made statements for the police investigation that is going on into that place and it's staff now. The place had an awful reputation for physical and mental abuse, it was common knowledge in the outside community and elsewhere in the care system. They couldn't possibly have NOT known about it at wigan council. A lot of the staff were sadistic, they got a kick or power trip out of it.
    Hopefully the police investigation will do it's job.

  6. I was in that place, and they never contacted me, i never even knew there was an enquiry. Despicable people even told me my records had been lost.
    I have given my statements to Operation MIlan and once the police investigation is done, I'll be coming for Wigan Council with a lawyer.
    How many previous Woodend residents did they contact to get their stories?
    What the Council decided was to pay one person off and avoid any publicity (and further claims) instead of making a public apology and resolving all the cases they could find.
    There seem to be quite a few people who have been told their records have been "lost" when they have tried to gain access for this period and before.
    It is plausible that records can be lost, although it seems rather too convenient.
    How about a freedom of information request anybody?

  7. was at Woodend in 1977 the only lad from Northampton, I cant remember the names of the staff but I echo all of the above regarding the treatment I received. My life has never been the same since and I have been in and out of mental hospitals all my life. I am shortly about to visit a Nurosurgeon for a suspected brain injury which is undoutable due to having my head smashed against the black board in maths class. No Dr was called and I received no medical attention even though I was knocked unconscious for over 24 hours. I was just a innocent child at the time and was supposed to be under their care, if this was their idea of care then I would hate to see how they treated their own children.

    I went to Manchester Police and became part of the on going investigation but I have now heard just this week that they are not taking my case any further because of lack of evidence. I have got evidence of my stay including my original assessment form but all I knew was the maths teacher who was there in 1977 was the one who smashed my head against the blackboard even though my records documented that I was an epileptic. He was only one of the abusers that I encountered, but I was told that all the records for the period were lost (probably destroyed as they didn't want any of this to come out)

    I want all my abusers bought to justice for the abuse, mental, physical and sexual that I and many other boys suffered under Woodends sick regime.

    Since my case has now been dropped I will be trying to contact as many fellow abused victims as to not let this go and take it as far we can. The more of us that fight on we stand a good chance to put closure on this awful part of our lives and allow us to move on. A good start would be an apology from Wigan Council for their negligence in allowing this treatment and abuse to continue for many years until the closure of the unit.

    If anyone wants to contact me regarding this then please drop me an email on rkmayes@btinternet.com.

  8. We must all stand together and tell Wigan council wat happened to us as children in that hell hole woodend

  9. Believe me it wasn't just Woodend that this was going on. I was at Bramble House in Worsley Hall Wigan and was physically abused and hit and punched by the male member of the management team who was supposed to protect us. This happened on a regular basis and for the smallest of reasons.He also insisted on bathing the boys and helping them wash and wasn't shy with the touching. This has sat in the back of my mind for 30 something years. But has recently come to light as part of my healing to beat a gambling addiction which ended up being my escape. There was nobody to talk to back then, but I hope it all comes out. I am fully in support of all the abused children of the 70's and even though I live in somerset now I would still love to see some sort of retribution because i'm sure I wasn't the only one at Bramble House who suffered. My email address is kelly334@btinternet.com should anyone have similar experience of Bramble House and good luck to all.


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