Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Council pays for Councillors Legal Insurance.

I hear that the Council has taken out an insurance policy for ALL councillors to access if they need it. This is for the likes of a Councillor is being sued or investigated then this cover can kick in and the Councillor can employ a barrister and legal team to defend them ,guilty or not.

This was talked about a number of years ago whilst I was a councillor and it was rejected on the basis that with the high number of cllrs reporting each other that this insurance would cost to much.

Also there is the access and who's pays that too, as I hear it is the Council.

I hear that there are currently 10 Councillors being investigated, some are warranted and some or just something and nothing and spats between cllrs but yet the tax payers have to pick the bill up. This can;'t be fair!

I have been investigated now a number of times and I always represented myself and never had any action taken against me. So why the change of heart from the Council with this costly expense when they should be reducing costs.

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