Monday, 1 November 2010

This disgusts me.

In tomorrows Daily Telegraph it is being reported the the British Government is to concede and give prisoners the vote at the next General Election. This is because of an European ruling and if the Government does not bring this in it could cost of tens of millions of pounds in compensation, they say.

The Lib dems were in favor of this a few years ago. This is complete barmy. Yet again the left wing goody goody Europeans are telling us what to do.

To make it is quite simple you go back to Europe and say we are not enforcing this ridiculous bill. If you insist we will put it to the people of the UK if they want to stay in Europe. Given that we are one of two net contributors in Europe, they need our money more than we need their laws. It really is about time what ever party is in power that they force our laws in Europe rather than being pushed around by these Europeans.

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