Friday, 13 January 2012

Chief Executive to get £250 000

Chief Executive of Wigan Council is to give up her job. She says this is to save the Council money. Therefore she is asking for early retirement. The Council are looking to give her a golden hand shake of £100 000 lump sum plus £150 000 EXTRA into her pension pot. What is interesting is that I have learnt that she is not retiring but but got another job. If this is true the Council should not be giving her a £250 000 golden handshake when Labour are closing Library's and other front line services.

She has been with Wigan Council for 6 years and paid just short of a basic salary of £200 000 per year for her salary. To give her this extra money is crazy! One thing Labour call Conservatives is for them looking after fat cats in the private sector but here we have Labour creating Town Hall fat cats. This should stop and the taxpayers of Wigan should get value for money.

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