Monday, 18 February 2013

The fortnight that ended.......17 February 2013.

The first thing to mention as many of you will know that a few weeks ago I fractured a bone into my right wrist. Given that I am right handed this has been the reason why there have been fewer blogs, tweets and posts on my facebook page.

However, I have continued to do Council work including helping residents on parking matter, Library fees and other matters.

A couple of residents want a new bin in a location in Standish, which I am currently working on. Some students, who are completing their gold Duke of Edinburgh awards, have asked for some funding for equipment. I have agreed to help fund some of this from my brighter borough funds. Also good luck to them as this is a massive achievement.

Also I have been working with residents to complete the document that is being submitted to the planning inspector on the Core Strategy next month. This has been a major issue for Standish residents and many many hours have been spent on this issue and hopefully we will find out whether it has been successful.

Ashfield - although things might seem to have gone quiet I have been working on this for nearly a year now and we should be having a public hearing inquiry but the Council are hell bent on trying not to have one. The reason to me is that they know they will lose and that would be a great victory for the residents of Standish. I will be releasing more details on this matter in the very near future.

On the matter of Council Officers they are meant to deal with all Councillors regardless of their political affiliation. However, it is becoming increasingly the norm for Council Officers simply to  refuse to meet not only myself but other Opposition Cllrs from all the other opposition policital parties, so I hear. The only reason that can explain this is that the ruling Labour group are ordering officers not to help or deal with opposition Cllrs. This is wrong, not just morally, but against the constitution of Wigan Council. However, as one officer said to me, "When you are worried about you Job Gareth what would you do?" I can understand the issue from their point of view but these kinds of practises make Wigan Council one of the most corrupt Council, in my opinion!

Due to the sad news of a Cllr dying a couple of weeks ago a by-election for the Pemberton Ward. The date for this has been called for the 4th April 2013.

On Saturday there was a Bomb scare in Standish at the large Co-op store, formerly known as Somerfields. The bomb squad attended and for a few hours there was a couple of streets closed off, including parts of Preston Rd. Thankfully it turned out not to be a bomb or bomb making equipment.

Hopefully my cast on my right arm will be off this week and normal service will resume with regards tweets and posts on my Facebook page.

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