Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Week ending...........24 February 2013

Well, finally my cast came off my arm on Thursday morning so getting back using it again.

At the beginning of the week I attended the Himor Consultation at the Unity Club.  This consultation was to show their plans for a part of the Bradley Hall Trading Estate. On the right hand side of the site as you go in they are looking to develop this into a housing estate.

On the idea of more housing in Standish I simply do not know where a couple more hundreds of cars would go, as the roads are already congested enough.

I also attend a Councillor Service Group meeting at the Town Hall. Nothing to much to report back on apart from Councillors will be probably be getting keys for all the notice boards in our areas.

One area that I am disgusted with is that the Council are allowing the St George's Day parade to be cancelled in Wigan. This is due to the Police not being able to steward the event. I believe that the Council should be doing more to get this event back on track.

I have been helping a number of residents with an allotment project that some residents are hoping to achieve. I have also been helping others residents too with various issues.

One big news is a Council Official has said that they are aware that someone will be contacting me with regards another consultation. They would not tell me what it was and as soon as I have information I will let you all know.

One final point is that it increasingly likely that the Council will be stopping free swimming from the 1st April 2013. This will be confirmed at the Budget meeting next month. This will save £106 000 per year. The Council saus it didn't work. If it didn't work why did they keep spending the money? Just another example that Labour can't be trusted with the purse strings!

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