Sunday, 28 September 2014

Council block me parking now.

Are Wigan Council being petty?

So I work full time in Manchester and I commute on by train. Usually I park at Appley Bridge or Gathurst which are the closest train stations to where I live in Standish. The great things is that they are close and free parking in the area too.

When I come home the train gets in at 17.50, should it be on time, which is not the usual, it is about 5 - 10 mins late. So the problem occurs when I have a meeting at the Council at 6pm. Should I go back on the train to Appley bridge and walk to the car and drive back to Wigan it would be about 6.25/ 6.30pm so I would miss the first 25/ 30 mins so on the days I have council meetings are business I will get up 20 mins earlier and then drive into Wigan, park at the Council and then walk to the train station and then get the train. That way on the way back I can get off 2 stops earlier and get to the meetings on time. 

However the Council Chief Executive has now emailed and said that I cannot do this but yet Councillors can park there to do their shopping, yes they can park for their shopping - unbelievable! Also the leader of the Council, Lord Peter Smith, parks on the Council car park whilst he is in London for days at a time whilst he sits in the house of Lords. Donna Hall says this is OK because he represents the Council in the Lords. This is not true it is a political position appointed by the Labour Party and he is there to represent the Labour Party, so why is he allowed to park for free?

Also how did the Council know what I did when I parked the Car up? they had some one follow me to see where I went and and the got on the train and see where I went from their. What a complete waste of tax payers money.

For me this is yet again the Council being petty and just out to make life as hard as possible and one rule for me and another for Labour!


  1. Donna Hall, supposed to be non-political but she is clearly biased towards Labour. Spiteful too.

  2. Does the ban apply to all Councillors at that time of day ?

  3. Seriously, how much do we pay this stupid woman? If you two don't get one - so what she shouldn't let her personal feelings get in the way. Vendetta . com or what?

  4. Ah well don't worry you will be elected again. Standish is fed up with Labour councillors

  5. I quite agree to first comment.

    2nd comment, in theory yes but in reality no, otherwise Lord peter Smith would not be able to park there for days at a time when he is on Labour Party Work. One rule for Labour and other for challenging opposition.

    3rd comment I have always said that there are obviously personality's that clash but the prime focus has to be the residents so everyone should focus on that.

    4th comment, I would hope so and as for Labour Cllrs and people are sick of them. The last Labour Cllr for Standish who worked with developers when she was on the planning committee is in the dock at Liverpool Crown Court tomorrow on expenses fiddle.

  6. Ridiculously petty. Get taxis and claim the bills on expenses on council meeting days!

    1. So why is Peter Smith , a fellow councillor, totally exempt from needing to do your suggestion and get an unlimited personal car space? Gareth's argument is that the council is biased towards Labour and against Independents. Peter (Labour Party) Smith can park freely at total will. Gareth (Independent) Fairhurst cannot......It sounds biased to me, and not petty at all


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