Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Chief Executive on political biased

In the recent compliant against myself from the Chief Executive there were two parts to it. The first part was that I called her a liar, which I did. Here is the first clip from the meeting showing that she wouldn't answer the first part on whether she was or wasn't a liar. Make your own mind up on why she wouldn't answer.

The second part however was that I said, in my opinion that she was political biased. At the standards hearing you can see on the clip that a Cllr who sits on the committee even says that the view from opposition benches is that she is biased. Looks like it is not just me then that thinks this. In the clip you can hear Chief Executive saying that she was never aware of this. Here is a news article from the Wigan Evening Post showing that opposition Cllrs met to discuss the matter some time ago. Given the article has the Chief Executive's face on it you would have thought someone in the Town Hall would have said something. Also given that the motion was tabled, but withdrawn, at the last minute she would have been aware of that.

On the second clip you can see that she is very uncomfortable being questioned in this way and watch how she signals something to the monitoring officer, to which he starts writing. I hear a complaint has been made against the Cllr for asking the question. Surely the committee can us all, including me and the Chief Executive questions that they feel are relevant. Whether we both agree with them is irrelevant because it is the committee asking those questions and not us.

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  1. With the amount of money Donna Hall and her cohorts are being paid by the people of Wigan through Council Tax one would think that they would at least pretend to have a bit of humility. Alas no, all we have is overblown pomposity and a 'how dare you question ME!' attitude. Furthermore, Wigan Council itself IS biased, take for example the propaganda rag that gets shoved through my letterbox or the Council's website, yes, you will find some information there, but more than anything it's just gushing about how 'overwhelmed' so and so was about the 'fantastic help' that some department has given them (as they should, it's their JOB to help), what a fabulous job the Council are doing on this that or the other. I wish they would just quit with the Public Relations rubbish and concentrate on delivering good, honest SERVICES instead.


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