Thursday, 9 July 2015

Can't speak on Don't blame the Council

I attended the Council's Audit meeting tonight and the first item on there was the annual report. In this report it talks about everything, including finance. As soon as the item was started Wigan Council told the meeting that they cannot talk about, Don't talk about the Council. When I asked why we can't talk about it it was because we can't. After more probing they said it is because there is a live investigation and we can't prejudice it as staff need to have a fair hearing, which suggests some heads can roll.

I pushed further and said taking that on board why can we not talk about it in general terms. Answer no. What a Farce! I then was so disgusted at this I asked that the video recording taking place on the meeting to be put on the Council's website so the public can see what just happened? Guess what the Council said it wasn't on and they only record it if someone else does. I saw the video recorder in the room taping but the Council doesn't want people to see what just happened and how there is no democracy in Wigan.

I say whilst yes staff should be able to get a fair hearing I say something else equally important the people of Wigan deserve their elected members to discuss what is important to them. I am putting a motion to Full Council next week, I know the council have said I can't because there was no seconder put in on time but under Part 4 section 10 of the Constitution says that elected members can put motions to the Council without notice. Then the Council votes whether they discuss the motion or not. I have been told by Wigan Council if I do this the advice to the Cllrs is you can't talk about it whilst there is an investigation going on. As some people have said - investigation or cover up?

I believe that members of the public that voted which ever candidate in would want them to discuss this important matter on their behalf.

After hearing what i have just heard and seen what I have saw the Council is more Wigan Clowncil. Fancy taping a meeting in front of everyone and then saying it's not on? Just so you don't see how they cover things up and this you can blame the Council for!

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