Thursday, 16 July 2015

Last Night's Full Council

Last night was the full council meeting. what a farce! The reason I say this is clear, more than ever Labour do not want to discuss things that matter to people's lives in Wigan like the highly disturbing TV program, Don't Blame the Council. Yet Labour wanted to talk about how opposition Cllrs that oppose and challenge some of the decisions bring the Council's good name into disrepute. Labour waffle and waflle about how opposition Cllrs do this and do that.

I wanted to bring up Don't Blame the Council and yet again Labour get the Council to come up with some advice, like we can't talk about it. Rubbish!

Also the Labour lot changed the rules again by allowing the Chief Executive position to be able to add and or remove items to the Councillors full council meetings. This is clearly the tail wagging the dog. In this world of democracy the good people of Wigan choose who they want to represent them. Then they should be allowed to go and discuss things that matter and no civil servant should get involved with politics.

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