Saturday, 3 October 2015

Great outcome for students

Last week I wrote about students that live in Standish and attend Winstanley are being left behind because there was not enough bus places. Here is that story.

Parents were getting sick of no action and they decided to contact me and ask me for help. I am pleased to announce that after I wrote to the Council about the matter and say how disgusted I was that students were being left behind and this was not acceptable to me. Also with the cold and dark nights coming up fast I wanted an speedy resolution to the matter.

I am pleased that the Council got on it straight away and contact Greater Manchester Transport, who supply the yellow buses, and then they agreed to put on more extra places so that no student is left behind again.

I am glad that I was able to get a quick and satisfactory resolution to the matter and I know that parents have been told too and many have contacted me and said thanks. Glad to help. Hopefully GMPtE will keep all the bus places on and not reduce them.

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