Sunday, 25 October 2015

The week that ended.......26 Oct '15

Bit of a mix bag this week. I heard at the beginning of the week that the Founder of the Community Action Party, Peter Franzen, is now a paid up member of the Labour Party. I would suspect that with Jeremy Corbyn has similar views to Peter. The Community Action was the biggest threat to Labour in Wigan. At one point in their height of success they had 18 Cllrs. Some achievement that no other party has managed. I wonder what the Labour members think in the Council Chamber?

Street Lighting resolved
I had noticed that the streets lights were playing up in Standish this week, especially those on Preston Rd and Avondale Rd. Not sure if the timings where set incorrectly as there were turned off earlier and turned on late. This has been reported and I believe they are back to normal now.

Helping out on parking Issues.
We have been working with residents on Church Street, where the double yellow lines are. These were put in near the old doctors surgery and now that has closed some residents wanted these gone to allow more parking. This is because there is in adequate parking in the area. We agreed with the residents and worked with the Council and now the Council have agreed to reduced the length of the lines and also to make them a single yellow line. This will allow residents to park there at nights and weekends. Residents are pleased with this and it shows more success for residents.

UK open for business of up for sale?
This week say the UK Government showing that they are asking China for a load of money. There is one thing to say, and promote the UK as open for Business, but I wonder if the sign really says UK for Sale? Given that China has an appalling record on Human Rights too one must ask will the Tories do a deal with anyone just to get their hands on their money? Working in partnership is good and one thing but it seems that this is not a partnership but just a hand out and given that the Steel industry is collapsing in the UK because of China dumping steel on to our shores cheaply I wonder if all the deals where worth it and/ or right?

Do you know of a Child not getting any presents this year? 
Finally Christmas is coming fast and I would like to know if you know of any child that is not getting any presents, or few, because of the family struggling? If you do please let me know at the usual address . I heard of a child last year not getting any presents because of their personal situations and I think we as a Community would only be to glad to help. So let me know if you hear of any child or family in this position.

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