Thursday, 26 January 2017

Devo Manc is costing us already

So all the Labour, inc Wigan Leader peter Smith, in Greater Manchester and also the single Tory Leader all said that Devo Manc would be a great thing for us in Manchester and Wigan.

So Labour have taken control of Health and social Care from 1st April of last Yr. It used to be the case that if you need a GP out of hours that they was a facility where you could ring and if required then attend in Ince. However, residents have been complaining that this has gone. And whilst the service may be there people are not able to access it. There is no phone number published and you cannot ring directly. Now you have to ring 111 and then they will deal with you and a lot of times they direct you to A&E, which as we know is already overstretched.

So when questioned and scrutinised at a recent committee meeting Labour where on the back foot and said they will look into the matter. How long will that take? How long will residents have to cope with with little or no service. Labour are already making a mess of local services but also now taking control of major services and cutting and making them a mess.

In fact up until Cllr debbie Fairhurst, Standish Independents Cllr raised this it was all kept quiet.

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