Saturday, 21 January 2017

New Yr but same dodgy activities from Labour Cllrs

So we are no back in the swing of things and the Shevington Independents battled to stop more dodgy deals happening.

At this weeks Council meeting a document (See Below) was circulated. In this document you can see that Cllr Bill McKnight met with his boss to discuss giving them a contract worth tens of thousands of pounds. When will these dodgy Cllr learn? Any contract where public money is being discussed or used has to go through the correct process of tender. you simply cannot have meetings with your boss and talk about contracts.

Excellent work by the Shevington Independents that yet again demonstrate that they are fighting for value of money and not simply wanting to hand over cosy deals to their friends and employers. Also they have demonstrated that they are the only ones fighting for the people of Shevington

Below is a picture of Bill McKnight that has brought more shame on the Parish Council. If you click here you can see a copy of his interest whereby it is clearly marked that his employers are NPS.

Shame on you Bill think of yourself again and not the people of Shevington!

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