Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Back Benchers held Government to account.....

Last month we spoke about why the Prime Minister may have called a General Election It seems more now that because of the very slim majority that she had was a worry because she couldn't get what she wanted through with out the back benchers of the Tory Party.

Also because of one of her U-Turns on NI for self employed she needed to amend that so the Tories could change their 2015 manifesto and raise taxes.

If the polls are to be believed, which this time I agree with at this time, it seems the Tories will get a huge majority and therefore the few back benchers that held the Government to account would be watered down as it seems Conservatives HQ are putting their people in. One target seat has so far put out 15,000 leaflets and not one of them tells the people in that constituency who the Tory candidate is. Shocking!

So with the back benchers having a good position to hold the Government to account was a good thing for the UK as no Government should have such a hold that they cannot be held to account. With the massive predicted majority that Theresa May may have after the General Election if no one holds them to account, or can't for another 5 Yrs then that would be bad for the UK because the Government of the day can get away with anything.

So I understand that the PM wants her own mandate, fair enough, but having so much control - which all Governments would want - is not good for the Country,

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