Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Have the Tories gone Liberal?

In recent days Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May has said that if elected again the Tories would cap high and unfair energy prices. A pledge that Ed Milliband once said.

However, principles of conservatism is not to meddle with the markets and to encourage competition to drive down prices. Given that it was the Torys that broken up the national energy companies in the first place. They claimed at that time that by breaking up the national energy company that would bring in private enterprise and would drive down prices by competition. This hasn't happened and in fact rather than lots of competition it is clear that there is an Oligopoly in terms of energy companies out there.

So Labour which promote socialist views and would like to renationalise would energy and other companies. So the the other view is the Liberal view and one to not go as far as renationalise but don't want an Oligopoly  so they would sit on the fence and try and meddle with the markets and try and cap how much some one can earn.

With Theresa May now coming out with this Liberal view on energy companies are the Tories now turning to Liberal policies to win? Why have they dropped their view of free enterprise? If the Tories are now meddling with Energy markets what market would be next? Or is it all hot air?

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