Saturday, 29 April 2017

Mosaic Academy Trust

So some time ago I wrote about how Standish high School had applied to become an academy. All went quiet.

I can reveal that from the 1st May both Standish High School and Southlands in Chorley will become Mosaic Academy Trust.

What is disgusting is the changes which are happening right now and parents need to know, especially those in their last year about to start exams.

Standish High are going through redundancy and have just got rid of one maths teacher, another maths teacher has gone down to 3 days per week but is now on long term sick, I can see why. One music teacher gone and there are more to come.

What is disgusting is that students who are about to take their GCSE are now having stand in teachers for subjects inc Maths. What a disgrace? And have the higher management team been effected?

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