Tuesday, 18 April 2017

General Election Looms

So after months and months of denying it the PM has now decided to call for a General Election. This is the first confusing issue. Say one thing and do another. She always called Gordon Brown for not calling a General Election when he took over from Tony Blair, so you would have thought on principle she would have called a General Election but she didn't. When she took over from David Cameron she said the General Election should be in 2020.

The SNP want a referendum on staying in the UK and the PM says no because now would be the wrong time.The PM says that time for a Scotland referendum would be once Brexit deal has been decided. So why would that not be the same for the rest of the UK?

 So why has the PM decided to go for it, so to speak? Probably because the Labour Leader Corbyn is so weak that the PM could kill off a number of Labour Seats and with that it is clear that the PM is trying to put her own and the Tory Party first.

However, with the remainers trying to make this a second vote on the EU this would be the wrong time to call a General Election as some say the Lib Dem could take seats like they did in Richmond and with that could it mean another coalition or Tory minority government. That could then put Brexit deal at risk. This would demonstrate that as a Country this is the wrong time to call for a General Election.

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