Tuesday, 4 April 2017

PC Brigade out again

In the last day or two we see the PC brigade out again making a fuss where there isn't one.

First were the words of David Moyes who had just been interviewed by a female BBC reporter and obviously she had asked an awkward question at the end because after the interview David Moyes said words along the lines you got a bit cheeky there at the end do that again and just because you're a female doesn't mean you can;t have a slap, or words similar.

PC brigade are kicking off saying he was threatening her and he should lose his job. Everyone was laughing and the BBC reporter was not offended by it, so where is the fuss? No one should ever threaten to hit anyone,unless it is self defense, but don't turn it into something that it isn't. If people truely thought he was saying she may get a slap why, if you believe it,  aren't they kicking off about him poss slapping men - or do the PC brigade think that is acceptable and OK? Threatening physically is unacceptable but don't make something that isn't there.

Also when he says slap does he mean a physical slap or a slap a ban on her attending the Press conferences? Food for thought.

For me it just shows what a great job that reporter did because I guess that all reporters don't just want nice sound bits and they want to get a hard hitting question in. I guess this reporter did. Good on her! Many that I have spoken to and lots on the TV are saying this is being turned into something that it isn't

Secondly the National Trust have got rid of the word Easter on theirs and Cadbury's Easter Egg Hunt. They just call it a Egg Hunt. So the PC brigade don't want to offend people with the word Easter. Wrong! Missing it out offends millions. If they don't want to recognise the Christian festival there should just have a Egg Hunt in October but O No they want to piggy back the christian period but not recognise it.

For me the PC brigade should leave well alone.

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