Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The Dictator that is Donna Hall

So a few days ago I wrote this blog post. This blog post was how Wigan Council and their Chief Executive has spent over £500,000 on trying to oppose and shut up opposition Cllrs. Yes it was a hard hitting blog post and so it was meant to be.

But yet again the Chief Executive has now taken her actions further. I say this because an opposition Cllr has simply shared the post on their personal Facebook page and the Chief Executive has found out about this and with out ANY kind of investigation she put a formal complaint in on him on Thursday of last week and by Friday that Cllr was punished by removing his Brighter Borough money away. Wow she just makes it up. Where is the natural justice here?

I say the above because in the interest of being fair ( that's a joke in Wigan council and Donna Hall) any complaint needs to be put to the monitoring officer. They should consult with an independent person and then they decide whether it needs to go to a Standards hearing or not. If it does then it gets investigated that Cllr who has had the complaint against them gets a chance to put their side forward and then a panel of Cllrs decide if the Councillor has breached the protocol.

But now Donna Hall has decide not to have a fair and open process, which is covered by the Localism Act. She has no right to be complainant, judge and Jury but then again we live in Wigan where Donna Hall believes that she is above Cllrs and residents.

Also what is unbelievable is how she runs the Council. Again I say this because the opposition Cllr has been at my house doing some work for me and the Cllr has had numerous phone calls from a person in the Legal Dept and in one of the calls today she confirmed the Council have been looking at at what they believe to be his Girlfriends Facebook account and more worryingly when the Cllr said that was bang out of order and who told her to ring him she reply Donna Hall and the Head of Legal Services. If Donna Hall puts a complaint in she should then be so far away from that investigation but she is getting internal solicitors to threaten opposition Cllrs. I heard it all today with my own ears. You simply could not make this stuff up!

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