Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Wigan Council losses £8m

Regular readers of this blog will know that I often call Wigan Council for their incompetence. December 2015 I wrote a blog post where by Wigan Council sold 175 acres of contaminated land for £1 and then gave the private developer £8m to clean up the contaminated land. What a stupid group of idiots. Why not pay the £8m to clean the land and then sell it and you get more than £1. Here is the original story.

Now the plot thickens as the private company went into administration last December. We have asked the council did they pay the £8m before they went bust and if they did is there a way the council can get their money back. You guessed it Wigan Council fail to answer the question and therefore one can only presume that they have paid the money and we cannot get the money back.

Heads must role if this is the case as where was the due diligent. I raised it at the meeting that we should not be paying the company the money in the first place. I seem to have read that when the company did go bust they had debts of about £160m. When a company had so much debt and so little assets it was a concern for me at the time and that was why I and we as a Party was against that deal. Looks like we were proven right again too. When will this Labour Council learn?

As Wigan Council motto goes. - It is easy losing tax payers money!

Either or both the Leader and Chief  Executive should resign or be sacked for this. No due diligent completed or the Council would never have have done this deal.

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