Monday, 24 August 2009

Council crash head on with Cllr Gareth fairhurst

In last Friday's evening post I raised an issue about stopping anti social behaviour by putting afence up to stop youths entering into a dangerous area of some woods behind the Cherry Gardens house. The Council's response was that I did not raise this and said I have never said I would pay for the fence with my brighter borough. The official response was that I have never put this on to the members inquiry system so therefore tried to insinuate that I have not contacted the council. You would use this system if you did not know who it was to contact over an issue but seeing as I went straight to the chief executive of Wigan Leigh Culture Trust there was no need to do this as this would not be normal practise. So here is the deal ever email I ever send in will now be copied and [pasted onto the inquiry system and we will see how long it takes for them to respond and also before the system crashes. I encourage all other to do this and I guess an official complaint will follow shortly to the the Chief Executive of Wigan Council over this blatant disregard for facts to represents the truth.

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