Thursday, 20 August 2009

How hard can it be to erect a fence?

The answer to this is pretty hard if you are Wigan Council. At the land at the side of the cherry gardens there is a self made path into the woods where youths go into the woods to drink, mess about and cause a nuissance. This has been a problem for local residents for a number of years at least two. Residents have had enough now and want action.

I have visited the site with a local resident who has shown me the problem and a simple solution would be to erect a fence at the back of the fence and this would be easy a simple. I have offered to pay for the fence out of my brighter borough fund and have the backing of the police. However Wigan Leisure trust, a part of the Council, manage the site on behalf of the planning dept and they can not decide what to do. simple erect a fence! How hard can it be?

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