Thursday, 27 August 2009

Just Amazing - You couldn't make it up !

As many will know from previous blogs on the fence issue as it is now being called I have concerns over a number of Council Officers. In have now made a formal complaint to the chief executive on Wigan Council Now she has asked a person tat is part of the complaint to do the investigation. Errrrr now I wonder what the out come will be?

In the press article I say how hard can it be to erected a fence and there has been so much political bias and obstruction from the Council it is un real. We are not talking about a mayor issue like closing speacial school or anything like that but a fence. Now people can see why I get so mad over things. Wigan Council needs to remember that they have to be unbiased and treat ALL elected members with the same degree of help and not get drawn If they get drawn into then they should expect to get a hard hitting response.

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