Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Is Shevington Library ear marked for closure?

As we all know Wigan Council has to save £55 million this year and one of the millions that needs to be cut is from the library budget. The budget is currently £4 million and it needs to go to nearer £3 million. Muted around is the real prospect of closing library's and it has been suggested that either Standish or Shevington could close and then residents from the other area travel to the next area to access that library.

What council officials will probably not understand fully is the easy access to both and also the fact that a lot of elderly residents go there and to travel to the other area might not be easy if they do not drive.

District Cllr Debbie Fairhurst has suggested ways of cutting Councillors perks and that would save 3/4 of the money needed to be saved and that would help save library's around the borough.

Labour has said no decisions have yet been made but with the budget only weeks away now they must be close to knowing the full impact and what cuts they are going to make.

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