Friday, 3 December 2010

Last night General Meeting

At last night Shevington Parish Council meeting of the general purpose meeting (what a name) tensions rose high and the disgraceful way in which the meetings continued and got worse.

I asked for standing orders to me moved so that I could ask for an urgent item, the vice chairman refused to simply hear what it was I wanted to add.

Then I raised that I could not formally complain about the clerk with her disgraceful manner, tone and behaviour towards myself and how I can not complain with out a chairman. The Council have now agreed that the position of Chairman be looked at first at the next meeting and hopefully once this is done I can move this complaint and ask for an investigation to be carried out. One of the things that the clerk said was what I was saying was "fiction." No way should an officer of the council ever say this to an elected member and this is just yet again another example of her behaviour towards myself. Another point was that the contents of our emails between us to prove the way that she acts but she said if I published the emails then she would sue me. I hope she has a lot of money because to sue someone, even with a cast iron case you need a huge pot of money.

Then I raised a number of items on the finance report all again ignored and I asked for them to be put on the minutes. One worrying thing is that they have been buying chemicals from someone. I simply asked if the person that they were buying from had the appropriate licence to sell the chemicals. The response was, "we presume so." Here we have a council that just simply does not know the first thing how to do the basics and if they do not know how to do the basics like this then how are they expected to run more complicated issues.

One thing that I did raise and ask for was the draft financial report that was going to be voted on in January be disclosed on the website and ask the public to send in their comments and opinion before we vote. This would open up the way the PC works and this was agreed.

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