Saturday, 9 June 2012

The week that was

It has been a recently quite week. Success of week is the bus stop that I asked for on Rectory Lane opposite St Wildfrids school has been approved and this should be going in soon.

This bus stop was at the request of residents of the estate opposite the school saying that they can get off the bus at the school but going down Rectory Land they would have to walk to the Owls.

The new bus stop will help these residents plus also any parents going to or from the school.

One of the blights of the week is the Council will not switch on the BT phone line on. They want me to use a new system which takes phone calls over the Internet. I was all for this at first but when the system turned up it consisted off 3 units that would all have to be plug in and I would need 4 plugs plugged in all the time. This was crazy and I simply did not have the room for all these units and plugs so I asked the Council to switch the BT line back on that they had installed last time I was a Cllr. They refused and said that if I wanted this then I would have to pay for it myself. What they simply do not understand is simple maths. I have a Council Blackberry so using that phone will cost more than calls from a BT land line so with them arguing over £10 per month for the line rental will cost them more in mobile call charges. Calls over the Internet is a new thing and I am all for technology but not when it is not practical.

The week ahead sees me having meetings on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at the Town Hall. One of these is the Places Committee which I will sit on plus another one is a meeting with the Chief Executive.

I have worked on the next phrase of the Ashfield Campaign as I would think this will heat up after the 27th July 2012. That is the deadline for the Council to formally object to the Village Green application. I would guess they will leave it till the last minute.

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