Sunday, 17 June 2012

The week that was...

Quite a bit going on this last week.

I had my first meeting with the Places Committee. The Committee is chaired by Labour's Cllr O'Brian, who I have got on with before but he has obviously been told to not deal with me and be a pain towards me so he can keep the chair and the money that goes with it. Well I give as much as I get and will have to work for every penny as I will be pushing hard on this committee holding the Council and Labour to account.

Also I have held talks with the Chief Executive of the Council and then another meeting with the legal dept over issues. I guess the Chief Executive was not to happy with my election campaign, could it be she backed the wrong horse?Oops! But going forward she says she wants to work together and my response is actions speak louder than words and she will now have to demonstrate this.

Ashfield is now a big back office issue at the moment as we have to verify all the questionnaires and then photocopy them and then we will be handing those completed into the Council this week.

I have a few outstanding issues and queries in with the Council at the moment and I am working with Cllr George Fairhurst on a couple of issues that we want to introduce into Standish, so some exciting times ahead.

If you have a query please get in touch.

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