Sunday, 24 June 2012

The week that was....ended 24 June 2012

This week has seen a number of residents bring to my attention a number of issues.

I have had a couple of residents with regards mental health issues and one of those has been resolved with after care being agreed and a programme to help them being put in place. The other issue is on going as it is a case of discrimination against them so I will be dealing with that this week.

Other issues are drains flooding and 3 cases have been brought to me this week. Two are having some investigation work done this week and the third I have asked what we can do as it is a big problem and a quick fix is not something that is needed here as that has been done before and nothing works so a proper solution is needed and I have sent some emails off asking for meetings and what we can do to fix it once and for all.

A couple of tidy up programmes have been asked for and I will get the beat it team in next time they are in Standish.

I attended the Standish 4 Youth meeting this week and this was interesting seeing what they are planning over the next 10 months, including a bmx/ skateboard day. football events with Wigan latics attending and showing the kids some skills. I will update the blog with the dates once these have been agreed.

With the Full Council meeting next month I have started to look at what has been happening and see if there are any issues to bring up. Obviously Ashfield will play a large part of my involvement as this will be the first meeting after the elections. Also I intend to bring up the "Welcome to Wigan Council" signs asking these to be replaced with the old signs.

My surgery saw a large number of residents attending. Normally it is for one but this week I had to keep it open for 2 hours so that I dealt with all of them. I thank the people that came and thank them for their patients whilst I dealt with everyone

Last but certainly not least I would like to congratulate the pupils at Oakfield school that attended Lords where they won the table cricket competition. Many of these children attended Mere Oaks school which I tried to keep open. It is good to see after years of hard work and many years of getting to the finals this year saw them the victors, so a big well done to them.

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