Sunday, 22 July 2012

The week that ended 22 July 2012

What a week. I guess the main focus for the last week was the first proper full Council meeting since after the May's local election. Seems ages ago now and that just shows how slow Wigan Council are.

The first thing I must say was the Major waffled on issues for over 24 Minutes. This is worth noting because the Council can only be for a max 3 hours in duration and this shows that Labour are just trying to waffle and what they call talk the meeting out. This means the more they talk the less the opposition can talk and call them.

I made several comments during the meeting and was disgusted that just because Cllr Bob Brierley ( Ind for Hindley Green) was talking about something they did not like what he was saying they banned him from speaking for the rest of the meeting - what happen to free speech and all that.

Then it came to the motions I had 3 motions in. One of them would have been real quick as I would hope that the full Council support it and this could have been the case for another one. The first and main motion that I put in was about the Council supporting Ashfield Village Green. I know this was going to be controversial but it was important. The Labour Cllr for Standish did not even speak about it although she had been quoted in the press earlier in the week saying she wanted more house buildings in Standish - what a disgrace.

Peter Smith tried to amend my motion by saying that the motion should go to the regulation committee to be heard. Well he did this and that means that he did not want a debate in the Full Council and more importantly he did not want Labour to vote against it as that would show everyone that the Labour Council council are wanting to sell it off. So now we have yet more proof and evidence that Labour do not support Standish having a Village Green at Ashfield and they want to build houses on it. To me doing this just proved that Labour are spineless and gutless and chicken out the vote, as they did not want to talk about it or be exposed more on it. So when I said they were spineless gutless chickens they banned me too from speaking at the Council meeting, which in turns they could not support more other motions which one was congratulating some special needs children that had won a national competition at Table Cricket. Well done to them. As for Labour it is clear that if they are being called and they do not like it they use their block vote to stop any one from talking. To me this is against free speech which is allowed in this country and I have now began to challenge that.

Also I have been continuing with more Village Green Statements and processing them and more staements will be submitted to the Council this week.

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