Monday, 18 November 2013

I'm back!

As you can see I have not been online for a number of days. This is due to me being in hospital for 10 days. I am now home and on the long road to recovery.

One thing that popped up last week is a developer wanting to put in a planning application for 500 houses on the land on the line. The developer is Wainhomes and I will be speaking with the planning dept tomorrow about this and all the other major applications that are in and coming in.

There is a traffic survey report coming out on Wednesday which will identify the number of cars Standish can accommodate. I am hoping this is zero as I do not believe that Standish can cope with anymore.

We are looking and planning a residents meeting too, probably next week.

I like to thank everyone that sent in well wishes messages, it meant a lot, thank you.

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