Thursday, 7 November 2013

Overview of last night Full Council meeting.

After so many years on the Council I shouldn't be surprised at the new lows Labour will go to.

The first thing I want to highlight is the despicable person - Leader of the Council - Cllr Peter Smith.  The situation was that Hindley Green Ind Cllr Bob Brierley was standing, the Mayor asked him to sit, but he said he had a medical condition and the mayor said ok. Then Cllr Peter Smith stood to speak about what ever the item was and started by saying he and the other Labour Members knew that Cllr Brierley was on tablets and in their view he should take more tablets. This could have serious implications. What a despicable man! He should quit as Leader of the Council and possible his Council seat too. No wonder the Council is the worse behaving Council when it is lead by such a horrible person.

Next trick that Labour did was talk seats that didn't belong to them. After the Council is formed each Yr, after election, the seats are divided politically to represent propositionally the Council, i.e if Labour has 75% of the seats on the Council they get 75% of the seats on committees. Nothing wrong with that. However, in our case we had Cllr George Fairhurst who was on the regulation and licensing committee due to an disability that he has, and as such just had an new hip operation, we took him off the committee because he was unable to attend for a short time whilst he recovered. The Council knew that once he was back on his feet he would return but Labour used some rule that said because it was vacant they could have it. The thing that was even worse was Cllr George Fairhurst is now recovering and on the mend so we informed Council that he is OK to go back on the seat which had been allocated to us. Labour voted against this and voted their person on. They did this will all other vacant opposition seats too.

The Council talked about standards but I guess with comments like Cllr Peter Smith making that there is massive improvements need there and we are a long way from sorting this out until he goes. 

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