Sunday, 15 December 2013

Labour and nimbyism

Some Labour Cllrs have said that Standish residents are just Nimby's that do not want building in their back yard but we are OK with it in someone else's.

However it has been stated that when the Council were asked to look for another 2500 houses then the Council could have quite easily put 100 houses in each of the 25 wards that make up the Borough but Labour didn't want that.

The approximate 1000 houses that are being considered for Standish are all on Green open spaces, an important point for later in this post.

However this week European Metal Recycling asked the Council for planning permission in Ince on an industrial estate. However Labour said that the steel being unloaded would be noisy so they refused the application. This company would have brought new jobs to the area. I mean surely that's what Labour want - Jobs in an industrial park. Or maybe they don't Keep people down, keep them on benefits will suit their needs for them to keep voting Labour. Heaven forbid to try and give someone aspiration! They also said they had 40 objections letters.

Well in Standish we gave the Council thousands of objections to the thousands of houses being proposed but they did nothing there. Just demonstrates yet again how Labour play politics with people's lives. Yet another disgrace! 


  1. oh and building new homes won't create new jobs...obviously not eh..better to be on the dole and have a lovley view from the counch...good one

  2. Building new houses might not create new jobs it will only keep the ones the developers have in work. If the developers grow their business then it could create new jobs but only whilst the site is being built then they will move on or finish them.

    However, the example I was talking about is a steel company creating new jobs on a site where are none currently. Them jobs will be permanent at a fix site, surely this is very simple to understand - unless you are a Labour Cllr how hides behind Anonymous and you don't want people to know your views.

  3. The question is Gareth... If the plan was to put the same steel recycling centre in Standish would you be as enthusiastic?

  4. If a steel company wants to come on Bradley Trading Estate and work with the same hours as the Ince application, no problem. We want jobs not house!


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