Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Turned out nice again. Will Johnny Deep visit Wigan?

Years ago I championed the cause of getting a George Formby Statue in Wigan George's home town. However, Labour and the Labour Leader Cllr Peter Smith were not impressed and didn't want it/ Even when I announced it in the Council Chamber that I think it was a good idea Labour Leader Cllr Peter Smith said, "We don't need to be reminded of that cloth cap idiot."

However, we, George Formby Society, Gerry Mawdsley and myself, battled on and we were able to secure the location, which was kindly donated by the Grand Arcade. So now we have the statue and it is a great attraction and talking point. Even today when I visited the Grand Arcade a granddad took a picture with his grand children and wife by George's side. We have also had Frank Skinner visiting the Statue, as he is a big fan too.

Now it is rumoured that George has another big fan - Johnny Depp. It is being strongly muted that he is looking to do a movie about George. I hear that he has the northern accent down to a tee and that he is honing his Ukulele skills.

I think it is time now that Labour and Leader of the Council apologise for their earlier comments about George, as I bet you bottom dollar they will try and cash in on it and we'll see in the Council's publication, Borough Life, the leader saying what a great thing it is, should it happen.

As for my comments, "I am thrilled that George's name and one of Hollywood biggest movie star's Johnny Depp in the same sentence. I know the President of the George Formby, Jerry Mawdsley is over the moon. All those years ago I knew that George was a big star in his day and still is - it is a shame the Council tried to block the statue.

If the rumour is true I am sure that Johnny will visit the home town and come to see the statue as well.


  1. Now something I can actually respect you for and be thankful ... Hurts me it does :-)

  2. lol I am sure it doesn't. I know you are my biggest fan :-) .

    This is great news and I just hope he comes to Wigan. If it is true it will bring revenue and tourist to Wigan.

  3. when is he coming

    1. did you get a answer


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