Monday, 23 December 2013

NHS - I don't understand people at times

As many of you who read my blog, or follow me, you will know I have recently had a major operation a few weeks ago and since then I have been back and forth in and out of hospital and I have just come back out of hospital after a few days in because of some complications that I am experiencing.

Just before I left tonight a young lad in his early 20's came in and he was in some serious pain. The doctor on the ward said he would need an operation in the morning to resolve the issue and then he would be in hospital for a few days after that, for a recovery period.

This kid kicked off because he would miss Christmas, which no one wants to be in hospital on Christmas Day, but then when the doctor asked what he wanted, as he could emphasise with him about Christmas but said he was in some serious pain which need to be dealt with. The lad answered, whilst raising his voice a bit about having the operation done right there and then, so he could get out for Christmas.

Here's the thing - he had had this pain for over a week and left it till now to go into hospital. Had he gone to his GP first he might have been able to get some treatment that didn't need an operation, he may have been sent to the hospital if he couldn't. I know most have said when we are in pain we will leave it for a day or two to see if it goes. But then to wait till two days before Christmas and trying to demand to have the operation there and then is ridiculous.

My point about this is not only did he wait so long but the tone and manner he was speaking with the doctor. His family was with him and trying to reason with him. If it had been me I would have said operation tomorrow and then stay in for 48 hours or you can leave now - especially whilst you are speaking to me like that when I am trying to help you.

On a slightly lighter note when you go into hospital they ask you standard questions like do you smoke and do you drink etc. I always smile when it comes to the drink question. 99.99% always say either no or only occasionally and not very much. They must think the doctors are daft.

I guess the message in this post is if someone is trying to help you they can only if you are willing to help yourself and work WITH them.

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