Monday, 6 January 2014

Where should Johnny Visit in Wigan?

Following the story that Johnny Depp could be making a film about George Formby, story here, I have just been interviewed on BBC Radio Manchester and one of the questions was, if Johnny came to Wigan where would we take him.

Obviously the George Formby Statue would be one and Wigan Pier another. Where do you think we should take Johnny to help him with his research?


  1. i think johnny should visit all of wallgate area george must have roamed that area several times wigan pier is more george orwell

  2. I think Johnny should visit the Amberswood Tavern in Higher Ince, its a quiet little pub at the side of Walmsley Park which still has its old characters what could tell him a few tales

  3. Even though George was born in Wigan, the family moved to George Street Hindley and this is where he was brought up, pity I do not know which house though.


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