Friday, 10 January 2014

Open and Transparent idea!

There are many times where the Council will look at doing a consultation. These could be on numerous issues and vary quite widely. However Labour always ignore the consultations and do what they want too. So why bother doing the consultation? Surely this demonstrates that they are just doing a tick box exercise.

The main reason why Labour say they can ignore consultations is because there is not enough people taking part and therefore they believe that the result is not reflective of the people. But people don't get involved because they know Labour and the Council simply ignore the result so don't bother with.

I firmly believe that the Council should be open and transparent in all they do including this area too. I think they can do this by saying that so long as 50.01% of the people take part of the consultation then the result will be carried out. That way people know that if they meet the threshold they their voice will be listened too. Also anyone carrying out the campaign know what they have to do and if they can't get 50.01% people interested to take part then their campaign will fail.

I believe this is a fair, open and transparent way forward and think the Council should be consistent. The question is does Labour and the Council want to be open, fair and transparent?

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