Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Free Food going.....at last!!!!

When I was first elected on to Wigan Council in 2004 I was horrified what the food and drinks bill, which was over £60,000. The last time I enquired it was nearer to £70,000. The meals range from Cllrs eating before a meeting to organised events.

I have always been against this. The reason is that Cllrs get an allowance, not expenses - they get them on top if they want, I have never claimed a penny in expenses. To me if someone goes to work they have to take a packed lunch or money to buy a meal, so why should Cllrs be any different?

Finally, the Council are stopping free food and drink after 5pm, which is a large number of meetings, so this will reduce the bill for free food and drink, which I welcome. Meetings taking place during the day will continue to get free food and drinks for Cllrs who attend and want them. Again there is nothing stopping Cllrs taking a packed lunch or nipping into the Town Centre to grab a bite to eat. Plus not many Cllrs are there for 7 hours a day. A meeting will only last a few hours.

I will continue to be against free food and drink during the day and hopefully we can get them stopped too.


  1. I can assure you, Gareth, that if I lived in Standish you'd certainly get my vote.

    But I don't. Sorry!

  2. With his arrogant and abusive comments Lord Smith has demonstrated his complete disregard for democracy and the voters who elected Councillor Fairhurst.
    Over the years Smith has presided over a series of blunders and catastrophes' that have cost the Borough's taxpayers £millions.
    • The failed A5225 road to nowhere.
    • The failed "congestion charge scheme".
    • The failed "Chinamex scheme".
    • The failed "Schools for the future privatisation scheme".
    • The £50 million private finance Wigan Life Centre scheme that has put us in debt for the next forty years
    • Draconian cuts in our public services.
    • Sacking thousands of workers.
    • Employing people on Zero hour contracts.
    • Closing our local swimming pools, libraries and day care centre's.
    • Closing our special schools.


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