Sunday, 10 August 2014

Decide did they or didn't they?

So the Council have said repeatedly and have again just recently said they have never discussed building on Ashfield. Rather than me try and say this and that I simply am posting the proof to let you decide if the developers ask for a meeting. Let you decide if the developers ask about if the Council own the land and the Council confirm. See if the two sides meet to discuss the matter and see if the council say it's a good idea.

Have a look here for the doc

I would read the emails from the bottom up as that is the order of the email trial.

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  1. I think the emails speak for themselves. They discussed it, the developers asked for a meeting, they asked about the ownership of the land, the council thinks it's a good idea and OF COURSE they met! To claim otherwise is a downright lie! However, those of us that have opened our eyes to Wigan Council (or whatever they are calling themselves these days - Wigan MBC? Wigan Borough Council? Wigan Council etc etc?) know exactly when they are telling big fat fibs, namely when their lips are moving.

    How you manage to keep calm in council meetings is beyond me, I'd be dragged out of the chamber kicking and screaming!

    On a lighter note, I did burst out laughing when it said the council has a 'Democracy link' on it's website/propaganda outlet. Democracy in Wigan? Only at the elections, after that you can forget it. Once they're voted in, the Wigan Labour mafia don't give a toss about democracy or transparency. Thank God for you independents asking questions and MAKING them accountable.


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