Sunday, 17 August 2014

The week that ended....17 August '14

So the end of another week, summer holidays will soon be over, kids going back to school, traffic on the roads getting busy again and then the colder weather :-( . But on a happier note it's the weekend.

OK, so what have I been up too this week? Well, it has been a quieter week than normal. I have been dealing with some minor issues but no doubt major issues to them. This includes anti social behavior, grot spots and other issues. When it is quieter like this I can get chance to catch up on some hobby stuff, like putting more of my ooo's of tunes on my new ipod.

Today I will be preparing for meetings coming up this next week as it is a busy one. I have Confident Council scrutiny and Confident Places meeting this week. Also we have some massive news on Ashfield Park Village Green coming real soon too so please keep visiting back, you wouldn't want to miss this. This will be taking some time up this week too.

Also this week we had some sad news when Robin Williams passing away, sad as he was my first hero when I was younger in Mark and Mindy, then he was great in Good Morning Vietnam and Aladdin, along with some others, but these two are my favorite RW films.

Finally, result week for students doing A and AS levels and B-Tec. Some great results have been achieved, not least by my twin nephews Liam and Luke, who are off to different universities. Also Alice Wilcock, who is the young lady shadowing me for a few weeks for an award, achieved some great results too. Well done to all the students and I wish you well in your next steps. For any students that didn't get what they where hoping for - don't panic there is always help, you only need to ask.

Breaking News

O well I will get back to the music but news just in as sit here and I am writing this blog but I am learning that the second fire engine at Wigan Fire station has been taken off both Friday and Saturday nights. I simply can't believe it! For all those that follow the blog you will know my frustration with this situation but it is clear more and more residents lives are being put at risk. I really do worry that a time will come when we need a fire engine up here and there won't be one, then something really does hit the fan. The inquest for the old gentleman that died in Standish on Pepper Lane is coming up soon and I hope they address what happened that night because the truth needs to be told - lives are too important!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and as Adrian Cronauer (Robin Williams character in Good Morning Vietnam) "Gooooooooood bye from me, I'm history, I'm out of here.
RIP Robin Williams.

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  1. Love the blogs post where we learn other stuff as well as the local politics. That way I get to realise you are a human after all and not just a political robot.

    Do you have a lot of music to put on your ipod?


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