Saturday, 30 August 2014

First clip inside Town Hall

So many will know for years I have been fighting to allow video cameras in the Town Hall to record meetings. Labour have always resisted this and even went to the extraordinary step of banning recordings. However the coalition government have now made it law that recordings can be taken.

The Chief Executive complained to the Standards Committee in the Town Hall that I called her a liar and she was political biased. This last week saw the hearing take place. Previously I have commented on the fact that it was unlawful but this post is to show you hope the Chief Executive dodged the crucial question. After all if you complain that someone has called you a liar you would expect that question to be asked.

Many people have commented to me saying that if the complain was about me calling her a liar then why would she not answer the question?

Obviously there is over 5 hours of footage and I am sure you all have more important things to do but I thought in the interest of open and transparency I show you how the crucial bit was answered.    


  1. What a complete and utter bunch of clowns these people are.

  2. I love the way she all of a sudden drops her steely glare at you and begins nonchalantly turning the pages of her folder as she desperately but unsuccessfully tries to look calm. In actual fact she looks like she's squirming inside at the thought of having to answering a very pertinent question. Such pomposity! I'm appalled that she wasted your time and public money bringing this case against you.
    Well done Gareth for sticking up for yourself.

  3. Not sure if my comment published. I can't quite see the name of the man taking notes. Is it John Mitchell, Monitoring Officer (Legal and Risk or similar role?)

  4. Yes the man taking notes sitting before the man with the beard is John Mitchell Diane.

  5. John Mitchell chose not to take action in respect of a data breach by Wigan Council on 3rd July. ICO not informed. Ironic he is responsible for recording proceedings!!

  6. The whole point of the meeting was to establish the facts of the allegation.
    What a waste of taxpayers money !.
    Is this typical of the standard of meetings run under this so called democratically elected council ?.
    People of Wigan , please wake up!!

  7. Obviously I have over 5 hours worth of recording and there is so much shocking issues that my legal team are now reviewing this and I am expecting them to say we go to the High Court to challenge this.
    As you say if they couldn't get to the fact of the complaint against me how could they reach a decision?
    In your last point I guess with more and more recordings that will come out I would hope the people of Wigan will wake up.

  8. I am so taken aback by the the lady on the right that awkwardly flicks though bits of paper avoiding the camera and seems too scared to speak yet is paid about the same as the Prime Minister and happens to be a "leader" in our council that we pay for in Poll tax. . I see zero leadership here. It is embarrassing. I welcome the new cameras into council meetings to encourage transparency.

  9. Wow, Donna Hall really doesn't like to be questioned does she? Watch it, Gareth, she'll be trotting out the 'bullying' line next. Oh wait, she already has. Change the creaky old record Donna!

    By the way, didn't she used to be in Chumbawamba? Oh wait, no she didn't, even though she said she did. Ummm, I'm no expert but isn't that what's commonly known as a 'lie'? Though so.

  10. After your many writings about how much of circus it is in these meetings we get to see for ourselves, let’s hope the fact that they are on camera now and everything is being recorded they start to do their job properly like the people of Wigan have elected them for and action the views of the people in future.
    Well done Gareth keep up the good work!


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